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Our Mission 

SAVE Inc. is dedicated to supporting, sustaining and strengthening youth in Norwalk.

Our Purpose

Producing transformative change for the youth we serve and the communities they live in.

Our Objectives

  1. Get truant youth back into schools or in career pathways

  2. Ensure that youth graduate high school on time and transition to the next level of pathways

  3. To provide leadership development, youth voice and mentorship programming. 

  4. Character building and cultural awareness.

Men Volunteering

About Us

SAVE was created by the Rev. Roosevelt Ewell, pastor of Canaan Institutional Baptist Church, Norwalk, CT in 2002 to help address youth and gang-related violence, empower parents of youth involved in disruptive and violent behavior, connect clergy leaders with youth in one-on-one counseling relationships and get truant youth back into school or into the workplace. Our target population is boys and girls ages 14 to 18 who live primarily in the under-served areas of the city.


In 2008, SAVE was awarded a federal grant from the US Department of Health and Human Services to service children of incarcerated, ages 12 to 18.


In 2009, SAVE received a grant from the Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention of the US Department of Justice to mentor youth at-risk of gang involvement.


More than 150 youth and their families are expected to be served through our after-school and mentoring programs. The staff for SAVE consists of one full time executive director, three part time program coordinators, one part time job coach, one part time case manager and one part time life skills educator.


"It is easier to build strong children then to repair broken men." Frederick Douglas (1817 - 1895)

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