Youth Council for Justice (YC4J)

The Save Youth Council for Justice (YC4J) is a youth-led, adult supported social change organization that empowers youth ages 8 - 18 to express themselves and to take appropriate action on the issues that affect their lives.  Issue awareness forums are conducted at school and advocacy campaigns are initiated to bring the identified concerns to light.


• To be a voice against the school to prison pipeline in Connecticut.

• To educate those directly affected by the system and others in the community.

• To mobilize youth to create action based solutions including campaigns and direct service projects.

• To build a safer environment within schools.

• To create spaces for oppressed youth to start healing from their trauma.


• To advocate and campaign for fair policies and practices in our schools and for the rights of all students to receive an equitable education.

• To reform our dysfunctional school system and end the school to prison pipeline in Connecticut.